In August of 2012, when the doctor told me I had prostrate cancer which had spread to my kidneys, liver and possibly to my lungs the first words out my mouth were “I’m not surprise”. I was age 53. One of the doctors said that the tumor on my prostate was the largest he had ever seen. The reason I was not surprise I had cancer was that I had been having discomfort in that area for some time. In addition my father and two of his brothers also had been diagnosed with the disease years earlier

I am using both conventional and alternative .treatments which include but are not limited to hormone and diet/lifestyle changes. The hormone drug Firmagon works very quickly to relieve/reduce pain, bleeding, psa,, and urinary obstruction. The drug does not cure the disease and has side effects of penis shrinkage, no sex drive, weight gain, and bone and muscle degeneration. The diet and lifestyle changes of veganism, jumping on a mini trampoline, Qigong,
Pranayama breathing, vitamin/mineral supplements require much discipline and some addition cost.

The doctor I am working with has been an angel throughout this process and is generally supportive . I am very blessed to have this physician as part of my treatment team. In my opinion race is always an issue in Amerikkka and this circumstances is no different. However; I think my doctor generally has my best interest mind despite the pressure on her to exercise her white skin privilege at all times.

I would tell a young man that prostate cancer is an disease with horrible symptoms and even worse treatments [catherder in penis]. My best advice would be to use the best of both worlds, conventional and alternative medicine to treat the cancer. and use diet/lifestyle to prevent the disease. Also seek out other opinions. No matter how good your doctor is he or she is not god. You are not the first person in the history of the world to have this disease and you won’t be the last.
Despite what you are told there are people who have cured the incurable. C

In my opinion African American men suffer more from prostate cancer than whites because of diet/lifestyle and the general oppression we experience daily in our lives. There was professor at a college in NYC who asked his mostly white students would any of them want to be black if they were given 40 million dollars. Not a one in ten years said yes.

I am in partial remission as of 4/15. Hopefully I can continue my progress and move into complete remission, then durable complete remission and then cured. The 5 year world wide survival rate for stage iv cancer is 2%. So I have my work cut out for me. Generally I am in good sprits and do believe that if I am patient and diligent I will be successful.

May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows.