Suggestions for your story.  Use as many or as few of these questions as you wish. Caregivers and Family members are encouraged to write their story, too.

  • What I thought about after the Doctor told me I had Prostate Cancer.
  • How I felt after my husband/spouse/partner/father/son, told me that he had Prostate Cancer.
  • How the treatments are affecting my quality of life.
  • How does my doctor or hospital treat me, as an African American man.
  • What I would tell younger men about Prostate Cancer.
  • What do I think is the reason that African American men die at twice the rate as white men.
  • What would I do differently, if I could do it all over again.
  • What do I think about the way medical care is practiced in America.
  • Do I think that the medicine and treatments I am getting are the right ones for me.
  • Do I believe that my doctor knows what my goals for treatment are…does my doctor know whether I can tolerate pain or a bad quality of life.
  • Do I think my husband/spouse/partner/father/son is doing all the right things to survive prostate cancer.

Your Story

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